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You Are Not Your Emotions

Personal Healing

August 7, 2018

Do you often feel like a failure – Even though you know you’re not? Do you ever worry that you’re running out of time to become the person you know you were destined to be? Do you feel like you are not important because you were rejected by someone you loved? Do you feel worthless because you made a mistake and did something you shouldn’t have?

Listen; most of us have felt like this at some point in our lives. Perhaps you’ve experienced this feeling after not attaining something you really wanted, or after making a bad decision, or attempting to do something new.

But the thing is, if these negative thoughts and feelings are still lingering in your mind long after the event is no longer even relevant; chances are they’re affecting your relationships, your career, your finances, your happiness or even your health.

Emotions are VERY important. The way you deal with them can positively or negatively change your life. Untreated and misunderstood emotions, past hurts and fears of future failures can do huge damage to; not only your life, but your body too!

Some emotions hurt a LOT, and we all at some stage have experienced emotional pain. But we as society have a nasty habit of not acknowledging them. “Oh, so you’re depressed, just shake it off, it’s all in your head. “Familiar words…right?!  Have you ever heard anyone say: “Oh, so you broke your ankle? Life goes on…Just hop it off! “

Not acknowledging and then correctly dealing with your negative emotions often leads to them building up and festering.  Because we don’t know how to properly conduct emotional hygiene, so just as with an untreated ankle, undealt-with emotions become damaging to our whole wellbeing.

For example; if there’s an undealt-with pain from failure somewhere in your past, if left unresolved, this pain can cause you to believe that you will never succeed in anything. Therefore, you might end up with a crippling fear of failure that causes you to not even try anything new or unknown in future.

Feeling lonely, angry, sad or hopeless and not knowing how to deal with these emotions can lead to clinical depression – which is a very, very serious condition; even life-threatening in some instances.

All of this leads to untold damage to your psyche, physical health, relationships, finances, basically, your whole being. It influences and defines your future, without you even understanding what’s going on!

When it comes to all-round success, emotional health is pivotal. Emotional and mental hygiene, just like physical hygiene, is something we should be taught from a very young age, so that we learn how to deal with emotional pain from rejection, betrayal, hurt, fear, guilt, shame, failure and the like, and not let them sneak upon us and literally ruin our lives.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to learn and to free yourself from the burden of past emotional pain. No matter how old your emotional wounds are; they can heal. You don’t have to carry emotional burdens for the rest of your life. Life is so much easier if you’re not weighed down by unresolved negative emotions of the past.

You are not your emotions! Your emotions; positive or negative are chemically charged memories you feel in your body. All your emotions; good and bad are energy in motion. They are not who you are. You are much more than your emotions. You think they are real, but they are just real memories of painful events stored in the recesses of your subconscious mind and the good news is that there is an easy way to access these memories, remove the negativity associated with your bad memories so you can live a successful and productive life that’s unaffected by any negativity that happened in the past.

  • Do you know where anger comes from?
  • Did you know frustrations a disease?
  • Did you know that being a workaholic, perfectionist, procrastinator, etc are a diseases too?

In emotionally challenging circumstances, we ought to step forward, not backward. But that can only happen when we are emotionally healthy. If you need help with your emotions, you can get help here.

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