My career was stagnant, and I felt very discouraged after 2-years of a fruitless search for a better job. In just a couple of weeks after my sessions ended, I was head-hunted for a job with the salary I had set as a goal in my sessions. On top of that, I have been offered and accepted another, even better, job making it 2 new jobs in the space of 6 months! Gugu is such a great Coach and is very knowledgeable and observant. The Psych-k sessions were so amazing. I have so much trust in myself and my abilities. I am very happy with my new reality and the change in the way I think and perceive things. Online coaching is so convenient and cost effective. I loved the flexibility of how I was able to have my sessions in the comfort of my own office and home. The online method is great and does not take away from the personal nature of coaching.
Ntombezinhle Nzama
Operations Evaluation Specialist: Development Bank of Southern Africa
As a therapist myself, I had always been looking for a coaching approach that was not just based on a textbook, but one that could connect to me on a spiritual level. I found exactly that with Gugu. Our sessions did not only engage my subconscious mind in terms of removing limiting beliefs, but I managed to find alignment with my spiritual being as well. I absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of each session. Gugu is patient and takes care to guide you to new beliefs that are in line with who you are. It hasn't been long, but my transformation is already evident. I would highly recommend Gugu and her magic to anyone wanting to move to the next level!
Nomathemba Molefi
Therapist: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Before working with Gugu, I was always tired and struggled to wake up every morning. Before I even finished my program, my energy levels and zeal for life suddenly increased! I no longer have self-doubt. I believe in myself and I’m now confident in who I am, and this has positively changed the way I act in social and corporate situations. I was really stuck and don’t think I will ever go back again to that point in my life. My total outlook has changed. I have clear goals with no conflicts. I now understand what created my previous blockages. I now completely trust my subconscious mind to help me achieve my goals, even the ones I thought were for play. Actually, my goals got bigger!!!
Rachel Lande
Customer Collaboration Manager: Coca Cola Beverages South Africa
I feel lighter and no longer scared to tackle challenges. I now commit to my plans and automatically action them without doubts or procrastinating. I used to procrastinate a lot and this week alone I have completed things I’ve been procrastinating for the whole year. I have become more aware of my thinking. Lately I have noticed that I have become more attentive and patient than before with others. My kids have also noticed the difference. I came for the finances and gained back other parts of my life, which has given me a good balance.
Kgaladi Phangela
Property Investor: Florida, Gauteng
I was in a real slump regarding business and finances. I found Gugu to be very tuned in and flexible to my specific needs, e.g., based on feedback from a previous session, she would on-the-spot change to a different intervention that would be relevant for my needs. She even included some emotion release work that was not part of my paid program. Throughout my coaching, I felt she was committed to helping me achieve my change and was working with me all the way – it was a partnership. My current outlook on business and finance has drastically changed. I am enthusiastic and motivated. I’ve found that I’m now easily able to identify areas where I need to take responsibility or change my thinking.
Charlie Haybittle
Business Owner: Johannesburg, Gauteng
The shift from destructive limiting beliefs to empowered beliefs has helped me to find and live my truth from my soul. I now honour myself and live authentically. I now have a point of focus. The new reinforced neural pathways have refocused me to the fullness of who I am. I am so calm and I enjoy all and only what I want to do. I don’t feel stuck and energy drained as before. I fully accept the path of my journey and the space of where it has brought me to.
Fatima Loonat
Home Executive – Johannesburg, Gauteng
I had the privilege of being coached by Gugu Mofokeng. WOW! What a wonderful experience it was! She empowered me with highly effective communication skills that have come in very handy in the business that I recently started. Thanks Gugu for the wonderful experience.
James Hebbard
I signed up for a coaching program with Gugu when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease earlier this year. I had read about Psych-K and was keen to give it a try to change my subconscious beliefs about illness and healing. I wanted to give myself the best chance possible to get better. I was desperate to find out what had caused my illness and find a cure. Once we started, I immediately realised that the program was so much more than just Psych-K. As Gugu guided me through the various aspects of the program my attitude and beliefs towards illness started changing. After completing the program, I have new beliefs installed and no longer think about illness in the same manner anymore. In fact, in the last week of the program I managed to find out what caused the auto-immune disease and am now about to embark on treatment. Goal accomplished! Gugu's mentoring and coaching and the new beliefs that she installed were instrumental in me achieving this. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and learnt so much! The sessions were interesting and meaningful and the tasks enjoyable. Gugu provided me with support on so many aspects. I will be forever grateful! In fact, I am thinking of signing up for another coaching plan to work on other areas of my life! Thank you so much Gugu!
Heather Swanepoel
Solutions Architect – DRA Global
In just under 2 months after starting my program, I do not resonate with most of my limiting beliefs anymore!
Simonne Solarsh
Entrepreneur: Johannesburg, Gauteng
My big goal was for my side hustle to make my first R1m. In March 2020, a mere 4 months after you installed that goal in my subconscious in November 2019, my business was awarded a multi-million rand contract! How awesome is that? We have just concluded negotiations and today, the first part of the PO arrived! Of course, as I am sure you can tell while reading this e-mail, I am over the moon.
Sivuyile Pezulu
Water Treatment Specialist & Side Entrepreneur: Johannesburg, Gauteng
I was a stress ball and would wake up in the middle of the night worrying about how I was going to pay my bills. I was very angry and would take my frustrations on the next person to cross my path. Gugu put me at ease. She is empathetic and gently guided me towards getting rid of my limiting beliefs that had stunted my growth. She helped me formulate new beliefs and these were effortlessly implanted in my subconscious mind through Psych-k. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and can confidently say that I now sleep like a baby.
Refiloe Makoloi
Impala Platinum – Rustenburg, North-West
I feel so much lighter after my judgmental inner voice was quietened. I am happier and feel my spirit has been freed. I used to take myself so seriously. My coaching unleashed the ambition to pursue career goals without inhibitions, which I didn’t have before. I used to strongly believe that I had to put the needs of others first. That belief has been changed and I now seek to fulfil my needs, desires and passions first. Prior to my coaching, I struggled to find my life purpose and it has now become crystal clear. Thank you Gugu Mofokeng for walking me through this journey.
Lorette Nembambula
Engineer: Anglo Platinum, Rustenburg, North-West
I have definitely turned the corner in terms of how I feel. I feel so much better, more in control and less stressed. I remember craving this feeling so much some years back and feeling crushed when it didn't come. I am finally peaceful in my heart and it feels great!!!Thank you for everything.
Palesa Mafokosi
Pretoria, Gauteng
I’m feeling great about myself since going through the program. I’m already seeing my self-belief and mindset change, which has resulted in changes in my business and how I approach business.
Thokozani Mathenjwa
I had a terrible fear of public speaking, which I believed was impossible to improve, let alone get rid of. In my sessions I realized that this anxiety extended to my social life, even interactions that were meant to be fun. I always avoided interactions where I would be the one people listen to. This gave me so much anxiety as I am in the human resources department where I regularly conduct interviews and make presentations. I’ve experienced so many changes, which actually began even before my programme finished. On the 24/04/2019, I received a compliment from a Senior Manager on how well spoken I have become. Now I’m always looking forward to attending breakfast conferences so I can network with people from different industries. I feel like I am living now and enjoy my life so much more. I feel my life has been made easier.
Julia Khumalo
Human Resources Officer: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Being in a mentally, emotionally & physically prepared space before I fight is very important for my performance. Gugu was able to make sure that my mental & emotional states were perfect. I was goal driven. I’ve never before felt so mentally prepared for a fight. I feel confident and motivated. If I don’t win this fight, it will be because of other factors. I have all the tools I need. My self-belief has sky-rocketed. Gugu deleted all the limiting beliefs and self-doubts I had and installed new beliefs in my subconscious mind in such an amazing and easy way. I wish I had known Gugu earlier. She is one of the important parts of my camp. I am grateful to have her as part of my team
Garreth “Soldierboy”
McLellan – UFC Middleweight Champion.
I had the opportunity to work with Gugu. The technique she used on me involved connecting with my subconscious mind around problem-solving. This exercise was vastly different from what I was typically used to in business, however, what intrigued me the most was the way in which Gugu introduced this form of problem solving to me. Her approach was innovative, yet sensitive and her skilled ways of introducing such a change to me made me receptive to the entire experience, which in turn led to wonderful insights and meaningful results
Chris Styles
Entrepreneur & Business Executive
I cannot express properly in words what it’s done for me. It’s been so life-changing in a positive manner. It truly rocked my world!!!Wow!!! The time, effort & energy put into me has been incredible. It’s helped me to see things in a completely different light. I’m truly blessed by this experience. I highly recommend to anyone or any organization that wants to easily achieve their goals !! It’s the best money you’ll ever spend – well worth it.
Juan Varalla
Business Person