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Spiritual & Wealthy – Is It Possible?

Wealth Mindset

July 11, 2018

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?  How do you feel when you see people living in opulence?  When you pull up next to a luxury sports car at the traffic lights, what are your feelings? When you come into contact with the super wealthy (I’m not talking about those who want to appear rich but are not) and you see how they spend money – their hard-earned money & not filthy lucre that are proceeds of crime – do you sometimes quietly feel or even externally say things like: “What a waste of money. Could this money have been given to the poor”? I’m sorry to break it to you this way – but these thinking patterns are classic signs of a poverty mentality.


Your knowledge of the spirituality of money is your road to financial abundance and freedom. A spiritual person – the one who has a good understanding of the art of manifesting, the laws of the mind and the laws of the universe, has no cause for disgust or panic as they know that money is a form of energy and that there will always be a supply of money if you energetically position yourself to have money flow into your life.


A spiritual person knows absolutely that regardless of the economic situations, recessions, depressions, wars and the stock market fluctuations; they will always be abundantly supported, regardless of what form money may take. The reason for this is that this person lives and operates in a state of mind called the wealth consciousness.


This person knows; on a very deep level, that wealth is forever flowing towards their way and that there’s always a divine surplus.  They have no cause for financial panic. They know that, should there be a war tomorrow and all they possess became worthless, this person knows that they will always attract money and regain their wealth, no matter what form of currency it took. Should they lose all their wealth today, they know beyond any shadow of doubt that they will regain it all or more in no time.


Wealth is a state of consciousness. It is a mental condition that’s attuned to the reality of wealth forever flowing to and from you. A wealth conscious person thinks of money as a tidal wave that flows out but always comes back. The tide never ever fails and neither will supply fail when human beings trust in the tireless divine supply from an immortal changeless presence of God that is always flowing to give supply.


When you’re subconsciously aware of this constant supply, you never worry about lack even when there is an unexpected negative seeming change in your financial circumstances. When you live in the consciousness of eternal supply, you never experience the fear of lack because you’re always divinely overshadowed by constant supply.  As you consciously connect and commune with this divine power inside of you, knowing that you are led and guided in all your ways, prospered and sustained beyond your wildest dreams.


You did not come into this world to live in poverty. The Universe wants you to be happy, prosperous and successful. If anything is evil, poverty is. There’s no virtue in people going around hungry, envying and stealing from those who live the abundant life. The Universe is always successful in everything it does, whether it is creating a star or the galaxies. There is nothing unspiritual about wishing to travel around the world, wear fine clothes, take your children to the best schools, live in an opulent home or afford to live a luxurious life.


If you read the bible, you’ll see how God blessed Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, David, Solomon, Job, and many others, causing them to live extremely wealthy lifestyles of their times. All these were people like you and they were highly spiritual. In the scriptures, we read that Jabez prayed to God asking for wealth and a successful lifestyle and his request was granted. Change the way you think about wealth and see how money responds to you.

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