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  • Get your relationship revolution
  • Discover the real hidden cause behind your unhappiness in marriage
  • Heal your childhood wounds that drive you to alcohol, violence, divorce, affairs, judgement, complacency, etc
  • Permanently deal with your personal subconscious blocks that stop you & your partner from being happy in your marriage
  • Rapidly shift from an unhappy to a fulfilling marriage
  • Learn how to communicate your feelings & be understood
  • Revitalize your marriage to give you the peace & joy and bring back the thrill you long for
  • Create the loving, passionate, supportive & rewarding relationship you’ve always wanted
  • Discover the importance of & learn the art of becoming soulmates
  • Create a solid soul-to-soul connection for lifetime pleasure & fulfillment
  • Get all the strategies, tools & resources to support & maintain a conscious relationship

Empowered with an enlightened view of love relationships, I help my clients get to understand that marriage is a psychological and spiritual journey that begins with the ecstasy of attraction, takes a meandering & rocky road of self-discovery and culminates in the creation of an intimate, joyful and lifelong union.

A Deep Healing Process

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be happy and fulfilled in marriage, no matter how long you have been together. Nothing has to change, except for the better. In my Happily EVEN After Couples coaching program; I facilitate a deep healing process that brings about the fundamental shift that enables couples to be truly happy together as they honour the unconscious intent for their union, even in the midst of challenges and issues that drive other couples to give up and go their separate ways.

I empower my clients using world class coaching tools, skills, techniques, interventions and strategies that shift them from unconscious to conscious in love relationships and marriages.

Using cutting edge change modalities, interventions & psycho-spiritual solutions; I will help you easily and quickly overcome your issues of unhappiness, emptiness & unfulfillment to achieve your relationship goals.

The Happily EVEN After Coaching Program Is For You If You

  • are sick & tired of being in an unhappy marriage.
  • want to transform your relationship into a lasting source of love & companionship.
  • want to protect your marriage from divorce.
  • want to protect your marriage from extra-marital affairs.
  • want to save your marriage before it even starts.
  • want to be empowered with proven techniques for rekindling romantic love. The romantic love stage of your relationship has waned and you want to revive the old fires.
  • want to restore the spirit of co-operation & togetherness
  • want to learn how to easily replace confrontation & criticism; which are tactics learned in childhood, with a healing process of mutual growth & support.
  • feel stuck in an unhappy marriage because of children, finances and/or the fear of the stigma & pain of divorce.
  • want to learn how to convert yours and your partner’s pent-up emotions of frustration & rage into empathy & understanding.
  • sense that your marriage is taking a dangerous route and you want to avert a crisis before it starts.
  • reached a point where you think the only solution is to divorce.
  • don’t recognize yourself anymore. Your marriage has turned you into a monster you were not before.
  • sense that your relationship has become complacent and you know that it could be better.
  • have done everything you know and are no longer motivated to work on your relationship & you’d rather give up and pursue new relationships.

Why This Coaching Program?

Love relationships have many complicated intricacies. Couples spend hours in marriage & relationship counselling seeking help, voicing and trying to get help for their frustrations of being in relationships that have not lived up to their potential. Countless couples attend marital counselling sessions in search of help for their problems. They spend a lot of money and time learning better communication skills and how to keep their partners satisfied. Committed couples do everything in their powers; including joining divorce-prevention programs and attend marriage seminars & conferences on topics like how to have a happy marriage, how to communicate effectively & general marital advice and tips. But many questions remain unanswered.

  • What is the mystery of truly happy love relationships?
  • Why are couples having such a difficult time staying together?
  • What causes once madly in love couples decide to divorce after a few years of marriage?
  • Why do previously faithful partners stray out of loving relationships to find fulfilment through extra-marital affairs?
  • Why do couples consistently act in self-defeating ways?
  • Why do people seem to change after marriage?
  • What causes once inseparable couples to start to have different interests & goals, suddenly not liking this & that about each other and being disillusioned with each other?
  • How can couples deal with powerful emotions & feelings that threaten to destroy marriages?
  • Why is there so much emotional devastation when relationships fall apart & how can couples avoid this?
  • How can you keep the romantic love & attraction alive in your relationship?

The Measure of Relationship Success

If success were to be defined by keeping couples from getting divorced or preventing extra-marital affairs, then the traditional form of couples’ therapy and all the other interventions have a very limited success rate. I can boldly state this because I work with couples in need of relationship help all the time. If traditional marital therapy was effective, we would certainly not have about two-thirds of couples who attend it fail to reconcile their differences and choose to go their separate ways. Why is divorce such a scourge? Why do men and women cheat on their partners?

Love Relationships: A Deep Soul Connection

Love relationships and marriages are very deep soul connections. For these relationships to work, the individuals involved need to experience a fundamental psycho-spiritual shift that will enable them to work individually and together to honour the unconscious purpose of their relationship, and not work against it as many ignorantly do. Unconscious couples are ignorant of their relationship’s purpose.

Unconscious Couples

Unconscious couples are relationship partners who are unaware of, and therefore dishonour, the unconscious purpose of their relationship. Unconscious couples have unconscious relationships & marriages; and they are the ones in marriages that often end in divorce courts. They are oblivious to the fact that love relationships include all the hidden desires and automatic behaviours that are left over from childhood which lead partners into wrong behaviours, communication breakdowns, perpetual conflict and eventually relationship emptiness.

The Popular Solution

The popular solution to an unhappy marriage for unconscious couples is to divorce and start all over again with a new and hopefully, better partner. The problem with this solution is that it brings with it further soul wounding and immense pain to the couple and other innocent victims.

The Empty Marriage

The agony of dividing up the children, possessions and deferring your dreams, the reluctance to risk intimacy again and the resultant emotional damage, the children who grow up feeling responsible for the divorce and wonder if they will ever experience lasting love is a cost and a wounding that can never be quantified.

Those who choose not to take this route learn how to cope with an empty marriage by occupying themselves with fantasies, food, alcohol, drugs, work & extra-marital affairs; having resigned themselves to permanently put up with a disappointing relationship.

Childhood Wounding

When I talk about childhood emotional and psychological wounding, you may think I’m referring to serious physical & sexual abuse or the suffering that comes from having alcoholic, divorced, absent or dead parents; which is a sad reality for many people. However, even if you were fortunate enough to be raised in a safe and nurturing environment, you still bear unconscious childhood scars. From the moment – and even before- you were born, you were a complex and dependent creature who had a myriad of needs. No parents; no matter how whole, prepared, responsive and balanced they might have been would have been equipped to appropriately predict, respond to or fulfil all your changing needs. There are countless subtle ways in which you may have been wounded and you are probably wondering how this affects marriage.

Unconscious Expectations

Because of these childhood wounds, we enter married life with unconscious expectations that our partners will magically restore our wholeness. Sadly, our partners have their own wounds too and we know that wounded people wound others. We either overcompensate for what we did not get from our parents or unconsciously re-create the same painful situations to the detriment of our marriages.

Conscious Couples

Conscious couples understand that being in a successful intimate love relationship is a soul connection that calls for the resolution of unresolved childhood emotional issues. They are willing to work individually and together to resolve these issues. They understand that human beings are born in relationships, wounded in relationships and can be healed in relationships. As such, we humans cannot be fully healed outside of relationships.

What You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up for the Happily EVEN After Coaching Program:

  • Pre-coaching Home Study Materials
  • Live Face-to-face Coaching Sessions
  • Live Virtual Coaching Sessions – via Telephone, Skype, FaceTime & Webinars.
  • Teaching & Coaching Audios
  • Guided Meditation Audios
  • Hypnosis Audios
  • Affirmation Audios
  • Step-by step Exercises & Templates
  • And much more

Program Features

  • Measurable results
  • Affordable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Individual attention – personalised outcomes
  • Sessions delivered online –
  • Save on travelling costs & time.
  • Avoid traffic & parking stress.
  • No need to take time off from work.
  • Be coached in the comfort & privacy of your home or office.
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