Get Healing For Your Broken Heart, Insecurities, Depression & Anxieties Now! In As Little As 4 Months, Develop A Strong Self-Esteem & A Healthy Self-Love

  • Be a happy person & learn how to be unaffected by outward circumstances
  • Deal with your irrational fears & stop being co-dependent.
  • Learn how to unconditionally love and accept yourself deeply & develop a healthy self-esteem.
  • Learn how to truly forgive yourself and others.
  • Be healed from guilt, sadness, anger, fear, hurt & other destructive emotions.
  • Feel good enough and worthy of good things.

Why This Coaching Program?

In my coaching practice, I’ve come across many beautiful souls who are deeply hurting and broken inside. For years, these precious people have struggled with deep personal pain. They want to be happy like everyone else. They are forever battling relationship problems, depression symptoms, self-esteem issues, anxieties, fears, stress and the like. They want to love themselves like everyone else but they just aren’t able to find that love from within themselves. Tired of living in a dark hole and hanging from a weak emotional thread, they ask themselves:

  • How can I heal from my emotional pain?
  • Why am I so clingy & needy?
  • How can I be happy no matter what?
  • Why am I always so moody?
  • How can I break out of the perpetual cycle of negativity & hopelessness?
  • Why do I find it difficult to leave this abusive relationship?
  • Why am I always feeling angry, sad, anxious, fearful or depressed?
  • Why is it so hard for me to unconditionally love & accept myself?
  • Why is it so uncomfortable for me to receive & express love?

These questions, and many more, are top of mind in many people whose souls are wounded. Little do these individuals know that the source of true healing and lasting success in life is the healthy SELF that comes after healing the wounded inner child.

The Inner Child

Irrespective of how old you are, there’s a little child within who longs for love & acceptance and will do anything to receive this. No matter how self-reliant you are as a woman, you have a tender little girl inside yearning for the love and attention you never received as a child. No matter how macho of a man you are, deep inside you there is a little boy who craves the warmth and affection he never felt growing up. No matter how well raised we were growing up, we all have unresolved childhood wounds and experiences, and lingering effects of childhood dysfunction, some people more than others. A wounded inner child displays a lot of symptoms that often manifest as depression, panic attacks, addictions, bipolar and many other personality disorders & issues. Oftentimes, anti-depressants, anger management classes & positive thinking are prescribed. As noble as these interventions may be, a wounded inner child will only positively respond to inner child healing, which is the only intervention that deals with the root cause of emotional pain.

Healing the Inner Child

Healing the inner child is an essential step to emotional recovery and mastery as adults. When your inner child is healed and whole, all the love and acceptance you’ll ever need is found from within, eliminating the need to depend on other people to fulfill your emotional needs.

It is through healing our inner child – by properly dealing with the wounds we suffered as children – that we can change our dysfunctional adult behaviour patterns and heal our emotions. It’s only when we have properly released our childhood grief, with its pent-up rage, guilt, shame and fears that we can experience self-love and form the meaningful relationships we want.

The First & Most Important Relationship

The first and most important relationship you will ever forge in life is your relationship with yourself. Your other relationships; with your partner, family, kids, friends, colleagues, employees, money, business and success all hinge on this one crucial relationship. If your relationship with yourself works, every other relationship in your life will work.

Scores of apparently successful people, who appear to be well put together – having it all in life, go about their daily routines with a dark void – internally suffering debilitating hurts and nursing subconscious childhood wounds that negatively affects their behaviour. Not knowing what to do, they put up a brave front and trudge along while these unattended childhood wounds fester and affect their health, relationships, marriages, career performance, business performance, finances and much more.

Deal or Be Dealt With

Life is a delicate balance. If one part doesn’t work, all other parts are negatively affected. Because many people are not aware that they are wounded, let alone how to get emotional healing, they unconsciously suppress and avoid dealing with their issues until these issues start to deal with them – affecting vital aspects of their lives. Those who consciously know about their wounding, often do not know the extent and the consequences of the damage. In ignorance, they perpetuate their wounding by unconsciously attracting partners who will wound them even more. This sad legacy is passed on to the children and passed down through generations via learned behavior.

This Coaching Program Is For You If

You need personal healing. You or those close to you constantly feel that you

  • are overly sensitive.
  • get easily hurt.
  • often find yourself angry or sad for no apparent reason.
  • are unable to forgive.
  • are hurting deeply – you feel emotionally raw.
  • are a tolerant victim of all types of adult abuse.
  • are dysfunctional because of childhood sexual, physical and emotional violation.
  • have a debilitating secret that is weighing you down.
  • have an unhealthy urge to retaliate for wrongs done to you.
  • feel good when you hurt others.
  • don’t recognize the person you’ve become.
  • find yourself being rebellious for no apparent reason.
  • don’t feel enough. You feel unworthy of good things.
  • can’t control your emotions. You have a problem with anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and/or fears.
  • are unable to stand up for yourself. You allow people to walk all over you.
  • hate yourself. You see all the wrong things about you.
  • feel hopeless and negative about your life.
  • are often hostile to others for no apparent reason.
  • your relationships never work
  • always sabotage yourself. You keep making the same mistakes in life.
  • always feeling depressed.
  • can’t tolerate or get on with other people.
  • don’t believe in yourself. You’re always self-conscious.
  • are highly irritable – always ready to lash out at the slightest provocation. Are easily frustrated
  • find it hard to move forward because of your past.
  • feel out of control of your life.
  • don’t know how to love.
  • no matter how hard people try, you don’t feel loved.
  • can’t stop feeling guilty, embarrassed or ashamed.
  • attract the same kind of partners.
  • can’t let go. Unable to handle people leaving you.
  • are abusive to other people.
  • are addicted to work, alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, etc.
  • are angry with the world & even God.

You Will Be Empowered To Get The Results You Want.

I Will Coach You To:

  • Discover the hidden source of your emotional issues.
  • Rapidly shift from emotionally broken to whole.
  • Say goodbye to sadness and negative emotions & be naturally happy from within.
  • Learn how to love yourself deeply & completely.
  • Be empowered to relate with others.
  • Take back your personal power & success into your own hands.
  • Delete your negative emotional habits & behaviours.
  • Install new empowering habits & beliefs you want into your subconscious mind so that you naturally rise above life challenges & be an optimistic & positive person.
  • Get all the strategies, tools and resources you need to support and maintain your new mind-set.

What You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll receive when you sign up for the Me First Coaching Program:

  • Pre-coaching Study Materials
  • Live Face-to-face Coaching Sessions
  • Live Virtual Coaching Sessions – Telephone, Skype, FaceTime & Webinars.
  • Teaching & Coaching Audios
  • Guided Meditation Audios
  • Hypnosis Audios
  • Affirmation Audios
  • Step-by step Exercises & Templates
  • And much more

Program Features

  • Measurable results
  • Personalized coaching programs
  • Individual attention
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Sessions delivered online.
  • Save on travelling costs & time.
  • Avoid traffic & parking stress.
  • No need to take time off from work.
  • Be coached in the comfort & privacy of your home or office.
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