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LAWS OF THE MIND – Expectation

Success Mindset

May 5, 2017

As Henry Ford famously said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”, the Law of Expectation states that what you expect is what you will see and experience.

The Law of Expectation states that what you expect is what appears in your world. If you believe something will turn out in a certain way even if everybody else says the opposite; then for you, it will be as you expected it.

If you are convinced the world is full of opportunities your mind will recognize opportunities everywhere and bring them to your conscious attention. If you believe that the world is full of failure and scarcity; then your mind will not recognize a success opportunity even when it encounters one and it will instead seek opportunities for failure. If you can’t see opportunities then you can’t act and therefore your world will be one of non-achievement, and your expectations will be realized.

As seen with the previous law of visualization, any image – positive or negative, true or false – placed into the subconscious mind develops into reality with absolute accuracy. Life is not determined by outward acts or circumstances; it is formed from the inside out. Each of us creates our own life with our very own chronic thought patterns. A single thought will neither make nor break a life; but your habitual thoughts will. You cannot habitually think defeat and be victorious in your outer life

The subconscious mind responds only to mental images. It does not matter if the image is self-induced or from the external world. The mental image formed becomes the blueprint and the subconscious mind uses every means at its disposal to carry out the plan. Worrying is the mental programming of an image you do not want. The subconscious, as we’ve previously learned (not knowing the difference between a real or imagined image) acts to fulfill the imagined situation, rendering true the saying: “The things I feared most have happened.”

When you change your thoughts, you reprogram your mind and change your results. Success is achieved when the mind truly believes and sincerely expects the imagined result to happen. This is called faith. Many people still believe that “Seeing is Believing”, but inverse is true. To make meaningful life changes, we have to use a different thinking paradigm which says; “Believing is SEEING”.

Success is achieved only when you trust and believe that it can and will happen. What we expect to happen does indeed happen. When we have faith and expectancy, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that we will get better, make more money, have a better relationship, start and succeed in that business venture, etc.; it’s only a matter of time before we succeed in achieving those goals.

The same holds true for negative expectations. As a coach, my clients come to me with certain expectations that I will be able to help them overcome their issues. With this positive image and belief system set in place, the odds for success are greatly increased compared to the cynical skeptics who come because somebody forced them to do it. In fact, I don’t work with the latter. I have no desire to waste my time and theirs because they have already programmed their minds for failure and that’s what they will get, unless of course they choose to change their expectations.

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