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Is Wealth A Birth Right?

Wealth Mindset

July 11, 2018

Being wealthy is your birthright. You are on earth to be happy, abundant and free. You were created to live the abundant life. You should have all the money you need to live a full, happy and prosperous life. You were born to live in abundance and that’s why it feels so bad and abnormal to be in lack. There’s no virtue in poverty. The kind of thinking that says poverty equals holiness is a mental dis-ease. It’s faulty thinking that leads to wrong living and it should be abolished from the face of the earth.

Everything that lives grows. You are in this world to grow, expand and unfold physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, materially and financially into an abundant life. It is your right to surround yourself with beauty and luxury if that’s what you desire. Why should you go around living in lack and want when you can enjoy the infinite riches of Divine abundance? Why should you be satisfied with not enough when you can enjoy the infinite?

To live the life of financial abundance, you need to change your beliefs, relationship, and perspective about money.  If you want to live the life you desire, you need to learn to be friends with money. The desire to be rich is a desire for a fuller, happier and more wonderful life. To attract a surplus, you need to begin seeing money for what it really is. Money is a symbol of exchange – that’s what it is. It is a symbol of freedom. Freedom from want, lack, scarcity and the stress of not-enough. It’s a symbol of beauty and enjoyment of the finer things in life.

Most people live most of their lives wishing for more money – a higher salary, a successful business or a better job because they currently aren’t properly compensated for their services. This happens when a person has negative subconscious money programs running in their minds. They unconsciously, and sometimes consciously, oppose money. They think of it as filthy lucre. They speak of it as the root of all evil. This negative belief about money that has plagued people for thousands of years stems from an incorrect interpretation of scripture.

Money is not the root of evil. In fact, it’s the lack of money that is often the root of evil!

People who have this limiting belief unconsciously believe that there is some virtue in poverty. This and many other negative money programs were unconsciously learned in early childhood and develop to become huge mental obstacles that block money from flowing into the space of those who possess these limiting beliefs.

There is nothing good that ever came out of poverty. It is a mental dis-ease just like any physical dis-ease. Look at it this way; if you were sick in your body, you would seek medical help to cure your sickness and get back to your normal state of health. Likewise, if you do not have money constantly circulating in your life, it’s a sign that there is something not going right in your financial mindset and you need to seek help to remedy this situation.

Money is only a symbol of exchange. Across the centuries, it has taken many forms such as salt, trinkets, gold, silver, ivory, oxen, animal skins, etc. In the last century, a person’s wealth was determined by the number of sheep, donkeys, camels or goats they had. A few decades ago, pulling out and signing a cheque was a widely accepted and used form of exchange. Nowadays, it is much more convenient to carry a plastic card in your wallet as a representation of money, rather than carry a sheep around to pay your bills.

You were born to grow, succeed, multiply, conquer, have dominion over all of life’s difficulties and have all your life’s faculties fully developed, including the financial. If you find yourself faced with financial difficulties, you have to do something about it! As harsh as it may sound, some people have lived in this state of lack for so long that they have become quite comfortable with poverty that they criticize wealth. If you want a different life; do everything you can to get out of your comfort zone and deal with your limiting beliefs and decisions that block money from flowing into your life.

Even if you forget everything you’ve read above, please remember this: you lose anything you condemn. Whatever you condemn, you give wings to fly far away from you. If, for example, as you were digging to make a garden in your backyard; you found silver, gold, copper or precious stones in the ground, would you condemn these as evil? Would you think of gold as evil? God created all things and pronounced them all good.

Any evil that may be associated with money comes from humankind’s darkened understanding of money. Evil is what people do with and for money, not the money. Money is neutral – it takes the character of its possessor. Money corrupts no one – it just reveals the person’s real character. If you are a naturally kind and loving person, money will enable you to be more of that. An evil and a greedy person will be more evil and greedy when they have more money. No human being has ever been changed by money. All it changes is the quality of the life of human beings.

Money does no evil, it’s people who do evil acts for money. Pieces of paper and nickel, used as a means of exchange, can never be evil. It has been said that people kill, cheat and steal for money, but that doesn’t make it evil. This is a wrong association people make.

One person may exchange money with another for the services of killing someone and that person has misused money for an evil purpose. Just as electricity can be used to cook a delicious meal or its misuse can kill someone. Just as water can quench your thirst or drown a child. Fire can be used to warm a cold house or burn it to the ground. If you took brake fluid from your car and put it in a cup for your guest to drink instead of tea, it is you that would be doing an evil deed, not the brake fluid because it belongs in the car’s brakes, not in the cup. In the same way, if you stuck a needle in your finger, it wouldn’t be the needle’s fault. I hope you got the drift.

It’s how we choose to use the powers of the elements of nature that either blesses or hurts us. Money is innocent of all human wrongdoings. Money is good. You deserve to have all the money you desire in life and with the right money mindset, you can.

If you have been labouring under false and limiting money beliefs, I sure hope you’ll start doing your best to change your mindset, change your relationship with it and see how the money will behave towards you.

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