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From Poverty to Wealth: How to Shift Your Consciousness

Wealth Mindset

July 11, 2018

To attract wealth, you first have to develop a wealth consciousness. Money is attracted to those with a wealth consciousness and repelled from those who possess a poverty consciousness. It’s the Law of Attraction!

The simple exercises I’m sharing in this post are very effective in helping you re-wire your consciousness, but if you’re currently facing financial difficulties, and have self-limiting financial beliefs, do not expect immediate results, unless you seek help to quickly and easily eliminate your limiting beliefs to reprogram your mind for wealth attraction. If done on a conscious level, shifting consciousness takes time and hard work, especially if you’re doing it by yourself and where limiting beliefs are involved because they cause a mental resistance to the new mindset you’re trying to develop.

It’s always advisable to seek the help of a skilled professional who will initiate subconscious change if you want a quick and meaningful change. But for those who believe in doing it themselves and have the patience of practicing this for years, read on.  As you do this patiently, regularly and systematically; the idea of wealth will gradually begin to invade and change your subconscious thinking and you will eventually develop a wealth consciousness if you’re diligent in doing the exercises. The best and quickest way to do this is to get change work effortlessly and painlessly done in your subconscious mind.

Many people like to do conscious affirmations such as repeating in front of their mirror; “I am wealthy. I am prosperous. I am successful.” Unfortunately, though doing this is popular, sounds noble and is widely taught, it simply does not work! I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you can’t solve a subconscious problem using conscious means. Sometimes, depending on your subconscious programming (limiting beliefs), you may even feel an uncomfortable resistance telling you that what you’ve just said is not true. Many people unknowingly waste their time and emotional energy making affirmations they don’t even believe! You cannot work on your subconscious beliefs through your conscious faculties. That’s not how it is done. Real change starts at the subconscious level and that’s where change has to happen before you see outward change.

When people do conscious affirmations, their situations may even sometimes get worse rather than improve. The reason for this is that, when working with two opposing ideas, your subconscious mind can only accept the dominant of the two ideas, mood or feeling at the time. When you’re busy affirming that you’re prosperous, but your feeling of lack is greater, your subconscious mind will respond to you with a feeling, inner voice, or knowing that says: “No, you’re not prosperous – you’re broke!” If the feeling of lack is dominant, each well-meant affirmation causes the feeling of lack to circulate and saturate your consciousness and more lack becomes your normal and permanent state of being.

If you’re a beginner, the way to overcome this is to affirm what your subconscious mind will agree with, then there will be no cognitive dissonance. So how can you do this? Instead of repeating statements you do not believe, you can engage your subconscious mind at its level by affirming statements like:

  • I am prospering every day.
  • I am drawing in wealth and wisdom every day.
  • Every day my wealth is growing and multiplying.
  • I am growing and moving forward financially.

These, and similar, statements will not create any conflict in your mind. However; if you have underlying limiting beliefs about wealth and money, those have to be decisively dealt with before you can even start with making any affirmations or using any other conscious tools to change your financial status.  Click here for help with subconscious change.

Let me make you a practical example; you sell shoes and currently, all you have is 100 Rands to your name. You would easily agree with me that you could have more money tomorrow if you sold more shoes because there’s nothing in you that says you cannot sell more unless you have limiting beliefs about your selling abilities or those you’re trying to sell to. So, rather than affirming; “I am a millionaire” – which will most probably be fiercely resisted by your mind – you could start by using statements like:

  • My shoe sales are increasing every day.
  • Every day I am making more and more money.
  • I am financially advancing and moving forward to becoming a millionaire.”

Such statements would be psychologically agreeable and highly acceptable to your subconscious mind and would eventually produce desirable results for you.

On the flipside; the spiritually advanced person who with their knowing, thinking and feeling affirms: “I am prosperous, successful and wealthy. I am a millionaire” gets wonderful results also. Why is this? These statements are in line with their wealth consciousness level. To attract the wealth you desire, you have no other choice but to live and operate in the consciousness of wealth and success. Wealth, success and abundance are a divine right. They are eternal and endless.

If you are a beginner, create no opposition in your mind. As you stand before your mirror every day preparing to face your day, playfully make affirmations for a few minutes about your wealth, abundance and success. In the evening, before dozing off, be quiet and relaxed in your mind and repeat your affirmations and expect awesome results.  For a quick and easy change, get help here.

Here’s a simple way to rewire your subconscious mind with the wealth consciousness: as you are about to fall asleep, quiet your mind, relax, let go of all else and mobilise your attention. Get into a sleepy drowsy state of mind – the spiritual plane which reduces effort to the minimum – and reflect on this simple truth by asking yourself:

  • Where do money-making ideas come from?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where does wealth come from?
  • Where did my brain and mind come from?

You will be lead back the one Divine Source of all wealth. It will no longer feel like an insult to your intelligence to realise that wealth is a state of mind.

Then quietly repeat this little phrase to yourself for 3-5 minutes, four times a day, particularly effective right before you go to sleep:

  • Money is forever circulating freely in my life and there is always a divine surplus.
  • I am wealthy. I am prosperous. I am successful.”

Please be warned: faithless and idle mechanical recitations of these affirmation statements will not help you develop a wealth consciousness – for this to work, it has to be done on the meta-physical (spiritual) realm, which is the level of your subconscious mind. You need to feel the truth of what you’re affirming, knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Your deeper inner self – your mind – is only receptive to what you subconsciously accept as true.

Enjoy your affirmations, but if you need help to quickly, effortlessly and painlessly shift your consciousness, contact me here.

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