Gugu Mofokeng

Helping ordinary people create extraordinary lives since 2011


Life coaching is the process of assisting an individual or group to achieve a certain set of outcomes or goals, thereby empowering them to create the lives they want.

My coaching model and techniques are a refinement and culmination of the latest studies in Neural Science, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Behavioural Science, Quantum Physics, Hypnotherapy and several other highly effective subconscious change modalities. This holistic yet scientific approach provides an empowering framework for instant and lasting change and has become the new standard for life coaching.

My approach focuses on the subconscious mind where real and instant change happens while traditional coaching focuses on the conscious mind; which is often rejected by the subconscious and takes ages to accept, if at all, and assimilate the required change. It is the difference that makes the difference. All other work done in the conscious part of the mind requires a lot of cumbersome and conscious effort on the client’s part, which often doesn’t bear results because most people give up quickly.

Yes. This is where I will work with you to design for you a bespoke coaching program that addresses your specific issues and coaching needs.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I no longer holds in-person sessions. All coaching sessions are now offered online.

Online coaching sessions work exactly like in-person sessions. The only difference is that these virtual sessions are delivered via phone and various video platforms.

Absolutely! Many of my clients start out doubtful but soon realise that virtual sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions and that they are more convenient and beneficial in many ways.

Coaching sessions are +/- 55 minutes long.

The number of sessions you will need to book will depend on your chosen Coaching Programme & Package. You will be notified how many sessions will be required.

Once you’ve chosen your Coaching Programme & Package, you will be taken through the easy & quick sign-up process.

There are various programmes, and the duration of your coaching program depends on your chosen Coaching Program & Package.

Absolutely! With the right tools, subconscious change is instant. The only part that takes a sizeable chunk of your programme time will be the discovery process.

Subconscious change is instant; however, each person is unique and takes their own time to integrate the changes and perform the required outward actions that will give them the results they want. So, basically this process depends on each client.

Yes. My group coaching sessions come in the form of workshops, seminars, webinars, boot camps & mastermind groups.

NLP is a model of communicating with the subconscious mind, the language and programming of the mind and how that communication creates and affects behaviour. It focuses on the information coming in through neurology and the programs that humans run inside their heads to produce behaviour. NLP can be used to change habits & behaviours, eliminate cravings & addictions, improve productivity, achieve goals, heal psychological disorders like phobias, anxiety & PTSD, and much more.

Originated by Rob Williams and endorsed by Dr Bruce Lipton, PSYCH-K® is a profound set of processes that assist the subconscious mind to rewrite the software of your mind (thinking patterns) and self-limiting subconscious programs (beliefs) into life-enhancing subconscious programs (beliefs), thereby empowering you to achieve your desired printout (goals). It’s a quick and painless subconscious change process that offers an easy and effective way to change the way you feel, behave and interact with life and other people.

Also known as the Emotion Code, Trapped Emotion Release Therapy is an energy-based therapy that is used to quickly and easily identify, and release trapped emotional energy, thereby helping recipients to permanently get rid of emotional baggage. Unlike traditional emotional therapies, such as anger management therapy, which mainly deals with prevention and control, this therapy permanently releases toxic emotions and resolves them for good.

No. Anger management has to do with controlling your anger, which is exhausting and often impossible, while Trapped Emotion Release Therapy frees you from the control of anger and other emotions by helping you permanently release and resolve your trapped subconsciously trapped emotions.

No. Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Trapped Emotion Release Therapy helps you permanently release and resolve your trapped subconsciously trapped emotions, which then enables you to easily develop emotional intelligence.

Hypnotherapy is a type of mind-body intervention in which hypnosis is used to create a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility in the treatment of emotional or psychological concerns. Hypnosis has been used to produce unconscious change with clients since 1843. Used with permission from the client, it uses guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a naturally occurring state of heightened awareness called a trance to make changes at the subconscious level. The client’s attention is so focused while in this state that anything going on around the person is temporarily blocked out or ignored.

Hypnosis is one of most powerful and effective of all the subconscious change modalities because it works deep down in the arena of the mind that controls all your behaviour and therefore results.

Hypnosis will positively and meaningfully affect your mind. There is absolutely nothing to be fearful about. Hypnosis is gentle and relaxing. It is nothing like the Hollywood TV shows you’ve seen where people are made to perform funny and stupid acts. You will always remain aware and in control and can stop the process at any time. Hypnotherapy works with the power of suggestion deep in the subconscious parts of your mind to bring you the change you want. At the end of your session, you will feel relaxed, lighter, happy, motivated, and empowered. It works instantly and yields lasting change.

Absolutely! Hypnosis is one of the tools God used in many instances to bring deep and lasting change to biblical characters. God used a hypnotic trance to effect instant and lasting change on the mind-sets of apostles, prophets and ordinary people alike. For instance, to transform the apostle Peter’s entrenched racist prejudices, God used hypnosis to speak directly to his subconscious mind, thereby bypassing his problematic and stubborn conscious mind to bring about instant change of attitude. For biblical reference, see: Acts 10:10-16 & Acts 22:17. The bible mentions that “as a person thinks in his heart, so is he” and Romans 12:2, espouses mind-set renewal and hypnosis is one of various effective tools that can be used to achieve that change.

While relaxing in a comfortable chair, as in a guided meditation, you will be led into an easy and very pleasant relaxation process called the induction and then the process will start where you will be led deeper into your subconscious mind where suggestions will be made. The process is completely safe and comfortable. You will remain in complete control of all your faculties and can stop the process at any time.

The cost of your coaching will depend on your chosen programme & package.

There are various payment options available that clients can choose from.