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Eliminating Procrastination – Part 2

Success Mindset

May 22, 2017

I once heard someone say “Skilled procrastinators live just before the last minute – they are so busy catching up – they never make it to the last minute. Their motto is: WAIT * PLAN * PLAN, instead of PLAN * START * FINISH.” Obviously, I didn’t like the joke because it had hit closer to home.


Procrastination is a major road block to success. If you’re serious about wanting to succeed, you’ve got to stop it or it will stop you from attaining your dreams. With this success block out of the way, it becomes easy to attain your dreams as you take diligent, deliberate, focused and consistent actions towards your goals. Your willingness to deal with this success block will empower you in so many ways and help you to find it much easier to:

  • Start your projects earlier…and get them done on time without the last-minute rush, stress and worry.
  • Produce better quality work… because you start earlier, you will be able to properly put the time needed into each project and produce excellent quality work you are really pleased with and the type that other people will recognise.
  • Achieve more success… due to better quality work output, you will get more recognition and achieve the success you deserve.
  • Pursue and achieve your goals & dreams like never before. You will be motivated and driven like never before. You will follow your dreams and goals and take action to make things happen. You will start that business, terminate that toxic relationship, complete that assignment, make that career move, lose that extra weight & finish that longstanding project.
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You and only you are the creator of the results you get in life. Every result, good or bad, can be traced back to your state on mind! Procrastination, non-achievement and failure are the end results of a confused, overwhelmed &/or negative mind-set. To illustrate this point, let me make you an example with procrastination:

I have an important assignment and on the conscious level, I know that it’s important that I start working on it as soon as possible because it’s a huge and daunting task. If, on the subconscious level, I lack a clear plan of how I’m going to tackle the assignment (state of mind: confusion & lack of clarity), I will start to unconsciously entertain thoughts that suggest ’it’s going to be hard’, ‘I don’t have the required resources’, ‘it will be boring’, ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘I’m not good at this’, & all sorts of other negative thinking patterns (beliefs & thoughts). Then, each time I have to start, I will find myself unconsciously avoiding the dreaded task by engaging in unproductive behaviour like watching TV, postponing, partying, sleeping or busying myself with unrelated stuff instead of working on the assignment (behaviour: procrastination, avoidance, rationalization, etc), which eventually all lead me to miss the due date (result: failure). On the other hand, had I started with a positive state of mind from the onset, success would have been inevitable!

Successful people understand the importance of not being satisfied with just making external changes, but aspire to change from within so that their external habits come naturally as part of who they are on the inside. That way, it becomes natural to take action, be productive and successful.

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