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Eliminating Procrastination – Part 1

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May 22, 2017

Nobody can stand before you with a straight face and tell you that they have never procrastinated in their life; not even once! It happens to everybody. To some, procrastination has become a way of life. If this habit of putting tasks off until the last minute goes unchallenged, it has a potential of turning into major problems in your career, business, finances, relationships, and every part of your life.


To help you deal with this problem, I will show you 2 important mind-shifting tools to use to stop procrastination at its tracks.


Get Organized.

One of the most common triggers of procrastination is the emotion of overwhelm.

When feeling overwhelmed; instead of doing something, we do nothing. Overwhelm almost always leads to paralysis. One of the best things you can do to overcome procrastination is to get organized with a manageable to-do list that can be achieved in the day/s ahead.


Someone once said: “If you would go every day to a very large tree and take 5 swings at it with a very sharp axe, eventually, no matter how big the tree – it will have no choice but to come down.”


As you work through your tasks, apply the Rule of Five. Everyday do 5 things that take you closer to your dream. Mark them off your list, ensuring you always do at least five. Be consistent. If you do this every day – a business, a book, a dream, etc. will soon be born.

As soon as you cross something off that list, you’ll get a little rush of the feeling of accomplishment… and aahhh…it feels so good! Use your daily successes as motivation to keep moving forward. This sounds so simple – I know! But so many people miss it.


Make your list, ensure it’s do-able, and then take CONSISTENT action, focusing on one thing at a time – overwhelm causes you to try and do many things at one time and usually complete none.


Let Go Of Perfectionism!

Stop chasing perfection. Perfection has a lot to do with the fear of failure. Finishing and mastery are two very different concepts – don’t confuse them. Getting things done should not involve mastering perfection, so stop doing this!


Strive for excellence rather than perfection. The more time you spend fine-tuning and nit-picking, the more time you’re actually procrastinating on the rest of your to-do list. Go with your gut-feeling when it comes being finished with a task. As a recovering perfectionist, the one lesson I keep learning every day is that – DONE is always better than PERFECT.


After all, what does perfection look like? Do you really believe your version of perfect is actually perfect? Realize that an ‘imperfect’ job completed today is always superior to a ‘perfect’ job delayed indefinitely! Remember the proverbial bird in the hand being worth two in the bush?


Your life goals are out there waiting for you to make them happen, don’t let them pass you by while you’re, waiting for perfect conditions, busy doing other things or worse… nothing at all!


So… the next time you find yourself procrastinating your dreams away, remember these 2 tips and… go out there and conquer your world…one swipe at a time! Look out for Eliminating Procrastination – Part 2

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