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3 Ways To Attract Money

Wealth Mindset

June 22, 2018

Everyone has desires and dreams for a better life. Most of these dreams require finances to become a reality, right? Perhaps even yours need some serious funding. You are always wondering where the money required to make your desires a reality going to come from? Who has the money and why aren’t you that person? How come is it that money is never enough for you?

Have you noticed that the bigger chunk of the world population is always playing catch up? Bills have to be paid, kids have to go to school, and food needs to be on the table, and so on.

When was the last time you bought yourself something you really want? Something you wouldn’t buy on an ordinary day. How about that vacation you’ve always desired to take but have kept postponing because of your perpetual financial ‘situation’? Well, don’t beat yourself up because the answer is in the way you think about money. It’s in the mind!

Money is an energy form. You can attract it to yourself or repel it just by the way you think, feel, talk about and behave towards it. All you have to do is tune your mind into attracting money for you.

Here are just 3 of the things you can do to change your financial situation.


  • Stop Complaining About Money!


Money is an energy form and you too are an energetic being. Money is attracted or repelled by the energy you radiate. Take a few seconds and imagine someone complaining about you all the time saying that you are never enough for them and even if they got you, they would use you all at once.

You wouldn’t feel good about that, would you? In fact, you would feel repelled by that kind of attitude and probably be less likely to avail yourself to that person. The same applies to money!

According to the Law of Attraction, wealth can only accumulate around you if you are comfortable with it and have good thoughts and feelings about it! You might think that whining about how much little money you have is a sign that you want more. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! The moment you do that, all the Universe gets are negative signals from your mind and you get more of what you’re complaining about. The complaining signals you radiate are actually repulsive forces that push money even further away from you. You cannot attract more money by dwelling upon how little of it you have. It’s as simple as that!

Furthermore, complaining also tends to keep you from recognizing and even engaging in wealth creation opportunities because your mind is too clouded by negativity to think of multiplying what you already have in the first place. For example, how would you think of buying premium shares if you are too focused on how broke you are?


  • Start Appreciating What You Currently Have


So, instead of complaining about what you don’t have, why don’t you try some of the following wealth attraction strategies:

  • Appreciate the ‘little’ money you think you have.
  • Tell yourself that you’re rich every morning and before bedtime.
  • Think about how you intend to invest and grow your money at least three times a week.
  • Donate a rand for every time you complain.

Try this and you’ll notice how your thoughts can change into a money attraction force for your benefit.

Here’s an interesting question for you. If you can’t be happy with the little you have now, how sure are you that you’ll be entirely pleased when you have more? You could be rich just the way you are if you choose to look at your finances differently. Remember, there is someone out there whose entire salary could be your tithe!


  • Don’t just act the part – Be the part!


Learn to look at wealth as a state of mind and not just a status. This will help you look at money from an entirely different view. Being wealthy is totally psychological just as much as being poor is. It really has very little to do with how much you have. A poor mindset can start with loads of money and end up with nothing, just as a wealthy mindset can start with nothing and end up with great wealth.

Have you ever wondered why a person earning R100 000 a year sometimes seems to be doing much better than another who earns R200 000? It’s because the former operates from a completely different state of mind from the latter. The greatest secret to feeling and even being rich is the wealth mindset!

Believing that you’re affluent or wealthy is critical in being rich and not just acting rich. But you cannot just start believing you’re wealthy without examining your core money beliefs and replacing your limiting beliefs with empowering ones that will empower you to attract the wealth you desire.

Many people think this is laughable, but thoughts do really turn into things. Wealth and poverty both start in the mind. Empty pocket never stopped anyone, it’s empty minds that do. Wealthy people are wealthy because of the empowering money beliefs they operate from and the money-making ideas they have in their minds, not the money they have in their bank accounts.  Wealth is in ideas. Lasting wealth is in the mind. Money never starts the idea, it’s the idea that starts the money. Wealth starts in the mind!

No matter how much money a person with a poverty mindset is given, they will always bounce back to poverty unless they change their mindset. Money does not change your state, it’s your thoughts that change your financial status.

How many things -good or bad- have you attracted into your life by focusing your thoughts upon them? Your state of mind will automatically act as an attractive force for wealth or poverty. Have you ever noticed that rich people always get richer and richer? Well, this is the reason why. Money will always follow those who have a mindset that’s attractive to it.

Before you can be outwardly wealthy, you’ve got to be psychologically rich. Money attraction is a skill anybody can acquire. To do this, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind with wealthy and prosperous thinking patterns and programs. Doing this will help you attract money with your mind – what many call a money-magnet!


Most importantly, always carry yourself like the wealthy person you desire to be. Dress the way you want to be addressed, speak the way you would speak to the president and give like a rich person gives! Try it! See what happens. But before you do, get your subconscious mind reprogrammed to become a money magnet and see how money will behave towards you.

I know what you’re thinking. Is it really that easy? Is it possible to attract money with just your mind power, even when you don’t have the bank balance that everybody dreams about? Of course, it is! It’s all about your subconscious programming – your thinking, feelings, relationship and attitude towards money.

The 3 tips you’ve learned in this post are just a tip of the wealth mindset iceberg on how you can deliberately attract money instead of unknowingly repelling it. To learn more money attraction principles, tips, strategies and tools, click here

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